Some Question Answer of Constitutional law of BD

Constitutional Law of Bangladesh


1. What is constitution?


Constitution is a set of rules that discusses with the relationship of a state with another state, state with its citizens and also determines the relationship of the various organs of the govt. with each other.

A constitution may be rigid may be flexible; it may be written may be unwritten.


2. What is the difference between constitution and constitutional law?


Constitution is the whole set of rules which is known as constitution. But the part which can be implemented by law is the constitutional law.


3. What do you mean by ‘Fundamental Principles of State Policy’?


·        Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah, nationalism, democracy and socialism meaning economic and social justice

·        Promotion of local Government institutions

·        Participation of women in national life

·        Democracy and human rights

·        Principles of ownership

·        Emancipation of peasants and workers

·        Provision of basic necessities

·        Rural development and agricultural revolution

·        Free and compulsory education

·        Public health and morality

·        Equality of opportunity

·        Work as a right and duty

·        Duties of citizens and of public servants

·        Separation of Judiciary from the executive

·        National culture

·        National monuments etc

·        Promotion of international peace

·        Security and solidarity

These principles are discussed in Article 8 to Article 25.


4. Write in brief about the ‘Proclamation of Independence’.


The proclamation was made for the following reasons-

·        people of Bangladesh elected 167 out of 169 representatives and General Yahya Khan summoned the elected representatives for the purpose of framing a constitution. But the assembly was illegally postponed

·        Pakistan authorities declared an unjust war

·        Sk. Mujibur Rahman made a declaration of independence

·        Pakistani authorities are committing acts of genocide on the civilians and unarmed people of Bangladesh

·        Bangladeshi people gained control over the land of Bangladesh by their heroism and bravery


To provide people of Bangladesh equality, human dignity and social justice, the following provisions are made-

·        declare Bangladesh to be a sovereign People’s Republic

·        Sk. Mujibur Rahman shall be the President and Syed Nazrul Islam shall be the Vice President until a constitution is framed

·        the President shall be the supreme commander of the armed forces

·        the President shall exercise all his executive and legislative powers, shall appoint Prime Minister and other Ministers, shall have the power to levy taxes and expend money, shall have the power to summon or adjourn the Constituent Assembly and do all other necessary things.


5. How can you explain the relevancy of the ‘Provisional Constitution of Bangladesh order’ with the ‘Constituent Assembly Order, 1972’?



6.  What are the basic principles of state policy?


Basic principles of state policy are- Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah, nationalism, democracy and socialism meaning economic and social justice.


7. What is the importance of preamble?


There are some importances of preamble-

v We can get the idea about the whole Article

v Legal importance

v If the Article is doubtful, the preamble will help to understand the meaning


8. What is the duty of a citizen?


The duties of a citizen are-

§  To observe the Constitution and the laws

§  To maintain discipline

§  To perform public duties

§  To protect public property

§  Every person in the service of the Republic has a duty to strive at all times to serve the people.


9. What are the provisions of our Constitution regarding backward sections?


The provisions given to the backward sections are-

§  The peasant, worker and woman are given priority in representing the local govt.

§  Women are given special priority to ensure their participation in all spheres of national life.

§  To emancipate the toiling masses, the peasants and workers, and backward sections of the people from all forms of exploitation.


10. What is the responsibility of the state in respect of education?


The state should adopt some measures-

§  should establish a uniform, mass-oriented and universal system of education which will be free and compulsory

§  should produce trained and motivated citizens

§  Should remove illiteracy.


11. What is the ‘Provisions of the constitution’ regarding ownership?


Ownership is of 3 kinds according to the Constitution-

a) State ownership

b) Co-operative ownership

c) Private ownership


The state owns-

Ø All minerals underlying any land of Bangladesh

Ø All lands, minerals and other things of value underlying the ocean

Ø Any property located in Bangladesh that has no rightful owner.



12. What are the basic necessities of a citizen?


The basic necessities of a citizen are-

o   food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care

o   right to work with reasonable wage

o   right to reasonable rest, recreation and leisure

o   right to social security.


13. How many Articles, Parts, Chapters & Schedules are given in our Constitution?


There are 165 Articles, 11 Parts, 12 Chapters and 4 schedules in our Constitution.


14. What is Bangladesh?


Bangladesh is a unitary, independent, sovereign Republic to be known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


15. How Constitution is the supreme law of the land?


According to the Article 7(2) of the Constitution, the Constitution is declared as the supreme law of the Republic.


16. What is the national identity of a citizen? How a person may be a citizen?


The citizens of Bangladesh shall be known as Bangladeshi. A person becomes a citizen by two means- i) by birth and ii) by descent.


17. What is the provision of our constitution regarding international relationship?


To promote international peace, security and solidarity, the state shall-

Ø Strive for the renunciation of the use of force in international relations

Ø Help other states to build up its own social, economic and political system

Ø Support just struggle against imperialism, colonialism and racialism

Ø Build up fraternal relations among Muslim countries .


18. What do you mean by ‘Property of the Republic’?


Properties of the Republic are-

Ø All minerals underlying any land of Bangladesh

Ø All lands, minerals and other things of value underlying the ocean

Ø Any property located in Bangladesh that has no rightful owner.


19. Can you file a case against Bangladesh?


Yes, the case could be filed against ‘Bangladesh’.



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